February 16, 2009

Custom Coasters

Last week I scored some coasters by paperchase for 50% off at Borders. Bargain! I thought I could use them in my living room mini makeover. They are the kind you can insert your own image or photo, which is a great idea, as this way you can insert a new picture or image everytime you are sick of it - just like a photo frame.

Yesterday I thought i'd have a go at creating something to insert. I am not really convinced about the way this looks yet, but here is what I did: The idea came from a post about Daniel Eatocks artwork on blog Daucas Carota. He made a cool artwork by balancing a sheet of A1 paper on pantone pens, and letting the ink bleed. Great idea. I thought I would try and replicate with a smaller piece of paper. Not as easy as it looks! Plus, it must have taken him ages to do, because I gave up after about an hour, and mine is completely sparse compared to his beautiful big work. But, i'm no artist. Just trying to use his great idea for my home.

Here is the page of colour, ready to be cut up into small squares.

I used the insert as a template, and cut what I thought were the prettiest sections

And, voila! My custom-colour coasters! It was just an idea, and I am thinking of others now that it's done that might also work as these do look a little pasty...fabrics, printed paper, pretty photos from our trip to Italy....Hmmm. Anyone else have any ideas of what could go in these?

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