February 19, 2009

Someone buy me: Art for Ellie

Today is my wee one's half birthday. I can't believe 6 months has gone past so quickly. If I had a whole lot of money (which I don't) then I wouldn't worry about the poor old Aussie dollar and i'd buy one or more of these gorgeous artworks for her room. They are absolutely beautiful. Oooooh, i'm really tempted. Check out these fabulous artists on etsy if you get a chance.

From Studio Mela:

From Yumi Yumi:

and from Suspect Shoppe:

Artists found via blog madebygirl


  1. Congratulations on 6 months. My second one just passed 7 months - so cute! Love those prints. I think my favourite is the three little girls/dancers in pink.

  2. I love the first one!! I would love that for Anya's room... I love Asian inspired goodies...

  3. Thanks to you both! I'd love to hear if anyone buys one.


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