February 18, 2009

Mid week baking

This morning is Mum's Group and I've just made this yummy Cinnamon Teacake to take along. The smell of the warm cake, cinnamon and vanilla is to die for and it's hard not to test it just a little to make sure it's right! (Aside from the desire to eat it, I am honestly paranoid about these things). It is a really nice recipe from the good old Australian Women's Weekly. I got mine from a book, but this one is also available for free online, along with lots of other yummy AWW recipes.

If you'd like the recipe, you can get it here

A few notes:

1. My book called for 2/3 cup of sugar, but the online version only has 1/2 cup. Your choice I guess!

2. I used Anchor brand 'Cake, Biscuit & Pastry SR Flour' - highly recommended when you need a really light cake

3. I thought it would be OK to use a slightly larger cake tin. Not advised. Stick to a 20cm pan and then this will assure a nice high cake. Mine is a little thin.

Enjoy your Wednesday all. See you again soon xx

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