February 21, 2009

Someone gave me: Old Country Roses

How generous. Yesterday, whilst visiting with my Grandad, he gave me a lovely gift. I am so thankful and grateful for it. It may not quite be up your alley, but Old Country Roses china by Royal Albert is rather special to me. My Nanna, who has dementia and is now in nursing home care gradually collected the entire set - dinnerware, teaset, coffee set and servingware. She even had a beautiful gold cutlery set to match. And whenever I see it, in a shop, at someone's house, or in their display cabinet, it reminds me of her.
Because Nanna is no longer able to use it, and Grandad will be relocating to a smaller house soon, he is keen to give part of the set to each of his children and grandchildren. I was moved that he wanted me to have this part, and I will treasure it forever, knowing that it was loved and collected by by one of the most important people in my life.

Aside from it's beauty, there are 3 things I love about this set:

1. It was hers

2. It was given so generously by him

3. It was an extensive collection that didn't just sit in the display cabinet. It was used all the time, and the worn gold trim and tea stains in the pot are evidence of this.

When I don't have little ones underfoot who might accidentally injure it, I intend to follow her example and use it too. Thank you Nanna and Grandad - I love you both lots and lots.

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