February 5, 2009

Handmade here we come

So you see there is this girl who used to love making and producing handmade things. She's tried many things in the past...sewing, embroidery, music, stamping, beading to name a few. She thought she'd had enough, but infact she had not. She had just lost her making mojo! Then one day she found it again....perhaps it was the arrival of the little baby and necessity to nest ... perhaps it was the headspace away from caring for lots of people full time...perhaps it was a little encouragement from some other creative types, perhaps it was all of the above. Well, happy days are here again - the mojo is back! And here we come handmade!

You get the idea. I am currently enjoying making things again (my NEW sewing machine is a great help on that front). And so much inspiration online! Oh how I love you Google Reader! So many great blogs to gain ideas from. Well, my New Years resolution is one project at a time. For those who know me, I have a good knack for starting and not finishing, so I am sticking to this resolution once and for all! So far, it's held me in good stead, as I have successfully completed a few little crafty projects this year already. I'd like you to meet one of them now....Introducing Miss Buttons.

My Miss Buttons (by Sew Your Own) kit came in the mail wrapped with care from Belsize Square, an Aussie fabric shop who I would definitely purchase from again - there was even a lovely little handwritten note on front. Next is Miss Allsorts ... can't wait! But no, one project at a time. Finish what you started Gret.


  1. Yay!! It looks gorgeous - I'm sure Ellie is going to love it.

  2. Oh fun - love the name too :-) x

  3. Thanks guys. Im glad you like it. And thanks Ros for the push (that chant on email yesterday was very effective)!

  4. Thanks so much for making and sending in the Miss Allsorts. I'm sure she will make a little someone very happy! Katrina


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