September 15, 2009

Handmade Market Canberra

It was a bit of a whirlwind weekend after such a long week, but fun! We couldn't face heading down to Canberra on Friday night, so we opted for the Saturday morning early bird instead.
Here's Ellie and I up at 530am, bleary-eyed and eating our weet bix.
The little one travelled really well, except for one small meltdown (hence red, tearful face below) at Goulburn. She was right after a banana, a few rice crackers, drink and a cuddle.

My moral support and taxi driver was much appreciated.

Finally we made it. The Grace Designs stall looked fab. Here are some pictures of it:

And here's my stuff below! Ros was so kind and let me put some of my own things on her stall, and I was VERY grateful. I sold a few things, so that was nice. I took some coin purses, brooch/pin cushions and a tote bag.

All in all a great day.


  1. Lovely photos! Looks like a great day. Well done.

  2. I bought one of your coin purses at Handmade, and I just wanted to say that I'm really quite enamoured with it and am having a lot of trouble deciding what treasures I'll keep in it!

    (I came across your blog via your shop)


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