September 1, 2009

Roses are nice.

I do love the rose. Especially my white iceberg roses that bloom for such a long time throughout the year, and who are so forgiving when you forget to feed and water them, or prune them a bit hard. Such a loyal flower.

Today is such a beautiful day here in Sydney. The first day of Spring, and my roses are blooming nicely. Here's one I had in my house, so sweet and soft with the gentlest of perfumes that I couldn't resist adding it to my photos.

Here are a few pictures of one of my latest tote bags - soon to be added to the shop. It features some vintage hand- embroidered roses. I think they're so beautiful and someone has gone to such much trouble that they have stood the test of time, once gracing a table and now off to find someone to love them on a bag.

I've used some of my new heavyweight linen here. Great product and nicely textured. I think I would use it again (sorry about the lens flare). And (drumroll please.....) check out the last photo! My labels have arrived. Yay! Now I feel legit for some reason.

Have a lovely day everyone. Ellie and I are off to a lunch playdate ...


  1. pretty bags! the label looks great too :)

  2. Wow - what a great job, the tote looks so pretty!

    A beautiful day here in Canberra too, but too cold for roses just yet. All the blossoms are out everywhere though - love it.

  3. very professional with the label :)


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