September 23, 2009

Free Stuff I Love: marketing tips

Last week the etsy sellers newsletter listed some great forum threads. I had a little look and came across one called 'Get the Etsy Sales you want'. It had some fantastic links there, so take a look at it right here.

But the one I really liked was the list of links to a free online marketing course (5 days) by Handmadeology University. It looks really beneficial, so this week I'm going to do it. Anyone want to join me?

Here are the list of daily classes:

Day 2: Facebook

These should help me, seeing as I'm about to set up a facebook fan page and also considering a twitter account. What I'd love to know is do any of you sellers twitter? If so, has it helped with sales?

So, this is what I'll be doing as I'm staying in today. Reason being - this is what many East Coast Australians (including me) woke up to:

[image source: Sydney Morning Herald]

Amazing images, yeah? See more here.


  1. Hi Gretel - I might be interested in joining you. I don't sell, but I am kind of biding my time until I feel I have time and committment to put towards it. Gathering all sorts of information and perspectives is very useful for me right now though. I am also interested in the ideas of Facebook and Twitter as business tools because personally I hate these sites, but if you have something to sell, then maybe they have a purpose after all...

  2. thanks for the links to the marketing course. just read day 3 (i don't always follow the order) and now i know what i need to do with my blog :) look forward to your facebook page!


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