June 16, 2009


Meet Ziggy. He's another little friend from Sock and Glove and so far my favourite. On the weekend we stayed with some lovely family (thanks guys for being great hosts) and Ziggy was a gift for little Miss Anya to thank her for having us stay. He's hand sewn from a pair of stripey socks, no machine cheating with this one. In fact I found sewing him very therapeutic and highly satisfying because he is so cute.
Ziggy was named perfectly by his new family and now has a place to call home - On Sunday that was cruising around in a tiny doll's stroller, but he is content with that, and never complains. Ziggy is always happy and loves cuddles, which will be in ready supply I am sure.


  1. Anya just saw this picture and exclaimed "Ziggy" with excitement! We love him and I would love to make one too. Love the new background and typeface!

  2. Wow that is fantastic...I love checking out your blog every now and again...do creative.!!!

  3. he's very cute! soft and cuddly :D


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