June 1, 2009

Book of the Week: This Woman's clothes, handmade clothing

According to Google Translate, this is the name of this week's book but I can't say for certain because I don't read Japanese!  But what I can tell you is it is a sewing book for little girls, height 100-140cm, and ISBN978-4-579-11054-4.    My book came from Kinokuniya in Sydney, but it's also available on Amazon Japan and other places. "Edited 2/6:  Correct title of the book is "Girls Clothes, Handmade Clothes."
I love Japanese craft and sewing books.  The photography is just so beautiful, and the designs so simple.  My kind of stuff.  Here is a peek into just a few of its lovely pages. I can't wait til my little girl is big enough for me to make some of these cute summer clothes for her.

Do you own any Japanese sewing or craft books?  Have you used them?  Did you find using the patterns easy or hard?  I'd love to know!  Stay tuned this week for more on Japanese crafting...


  1. looks like a nice book to have.. the patterns look simple enough to make even if you don't read japanese.. would love to see what you will make :)

  2. I have a japanese sewing book with patterns for babies to toddlers...gorgeous projects although I have only made a pair of bloomers from it. Am planning on doing a little tunic top that looks very sweet


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