June 5, 2009


Meet Rosie.  She is of the Udderly Lovely Cow family from Meet me a Mikes.   Rosie only just made it into the birthday wrapping for the same friend who received the cute as a button vintage clutch (I finished her at very last minute).  What you don't know is that this friend is crazy about cows.  And I mean CRAZY about them.  You should see her house.  It is full of lots of cow-ey things....so I was hoping she would be glad to meet Rosie and give her a loving home, which she did (thank goodness!).
Rosie took me a little longer than I anticipated, and I'm afraid to say that I did get a little tiny bit cranky with the pattern instructions.  I wasn't too pleased with how difficult it was to sew her up at the end.  The pattern called for the legs, stuffing and bottom seam all to be completed together by top stitching, which was a real fiddle, and frustrated me.
If you are yet to make this lovely cow, then I would advise you to sew the bottom seam in the same way as the sides (right sides together), and with the legs on the inside, and then turn the entire cow, legs and all out the right way through a gap in the side seam.  Closure with some invisible thread by hand would be a much neater and easier way to finish this project.  Anyway, I do love Rosie, she is a cutie, and thanks goes Fliss Dodd for creating such a cuddly little creature. 


  1. I found I had exactally the same problem...my Bernia *and me* had a few frustrations getting Samson all sewn up. I ended up taking out stuffing, seewing nearly to close...re-stuffing and hand stitching. Rosie is beautiful!

  2. Oooh Gret she is gorgeous! You are certainly one talented lady. Love the fabric combo's too. Glad your friend was 'mooooved' by her (sorry)! He he!

  3. How adorable! I just made one myself and had exactly the same problem with the bottom seam :/


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