May 25, 2012

Pink Pouch

Most of us are sick today at our place - husband has gone to work with a cold, leaving me to juggle the two littlies who both have head colds. One demands everything, dropping toys, tissues and clothing all over the house, and the other gets cranky during feeds and wants to be held all day (you know the routine).  Thankfully I have escaped the bug so far... so a quick feel-good project was in order while the littlest slept to assist us with cabin fever - I made this pink coin purse for the big girl this morning and let her choose the colours.  

E coin purse

What else would a 3.5 year old girl have chosen?  It's her first real money pouch, so she thinks it's rather special and has been playing shops with me all day.

I rather like it now that it's done too. :)


  1. Sweet purse, Gret. I am impressed that you have made the time to craft in the midst of all that sickness! I hope they ar all better soon and that you don't get it! x

  2. very sweet. i love that girls always choose pink! if it isn't pink, or a girl color my daughter wants nothing to do with it!

  3. sweet, took me ages to make Anya anything for her hair... it was always for the shop?! Now she has hair - she has a little collection :-) Nice fabric choice E.

  4. Chloes rather envious :) lovely...


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