May 17, 2012

Puzzle Ball.

This poor little fella's been sitting in my unfinished project box for about 2 years now, and it's about time I finished him.  I finally got the chance (and inclination) to complete what I should have 2 years ago - he was originally intended to be a last minute gift, but time got away from me and I had to leave him be until now.  I actually forgot about it and in the end it was only a couple of night's work and he was completed.

Perfect?  Absolutely not.  Actually extremely crooked, but fun to make and a clever, pretty and very forgiving pattern from Joelle Hoverson's lovely book.

Puzzle Ball

Now my littlest girl doesn't have to miss out on some handmade fun.  Those grabby little hands have already started (where has 4 months gone?).


  1. The crooked bits must be on the back - it looks adorable. It is satisfying to finally finish one of those UFOs isn't it:) Cyndy

  2. oh, I love these balls! You've just reminded me that I was going to try to crochet one - I've got a pattern saved somewhere... I'll have to find it.

    Yours looks lovely!

  3. Hi Gret! Thank you for stopping by on my blog and leaving your comments and mentioning about the 'ravelry'

    Gorgeous puzzle ball and lovely fabrics. Thanks again!

  4. Brilliant project. Really really cool. Love your fabric choices too. Marvellous I tell you... marvellous.


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