May 22, 2012

Love this vintage...

Teddy.  My very first teddy in fact, he's 35 years old this year.  Mum dug him out of a box a few weeks ago and kindly repaired him, so he's now been claimed by Miss 3 1/2 who's taken to sleeping with him and has given him the name "Gretel" since he used to be mine.  Not quite sure how I feel about this, but I guess it's sort of cute.   I'm saving my first doll for V, though she too needs some work - the poor thing has no hair at the moment.

Did you save anything from your childhood?


  1. that is so sweet! i have a clown that my mom crocheted for me. it has bells on its hands and feet and it makes me happy that i still have it. thanks for this post. it made me really happy!

  2. I think that's sweet. I have handed down my teddy bear, Jessica, who I assume was named after my God-Sister?? because all of my dolls were named after babies that I knew as a little girl!? But the special thing is that it was my Mums teddybear first, it really does look very old though!!


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