May 9, 2012

Love this vintage...

Set of blue frames from Vintage Cat Eye Glasses.  If I wore specs then I might just be having a closer look at these. Cute, huh?  They'll set you back $120 if you really love them.


Its been a little hectic over the weekend here.  Birthdays, building, boxing/unboxing books and baby - not much crafting time, but fun nonetheless.  Anyhow, I'm off to the shops with my two in tow to restock on a few groceries (read: no bread or milk in this place).  Hope your week is treating you well. 



  1. Do you remember seeing photos of Mum's black ones?! These are cool.

  2. i agree these are super cute, and i happen to be looking for a pair... hrmmmmm ;)

  3. So glad to have stumbled across your blog! Absolutely loving it, especially these "Love this vintage..." posts - what a wonderful idea!


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