June 7, 2012

10 minutes.

Not much going on here since the weekend.  After a weekend of Tova dramas (more on that later) sick sick sickie kids is all I've been doing through the week - exhausting.  I've managed to steal about 10 minutes a few nights in a row to start using up stashed yarn before I nod off early due to lack of sleep.  Sick kidlets are no fun, that's for sure.  And it's our second round in a month. 


I hope your creative space has been a little more healthy!  
Joining in with the fun here.


  1. The yarn looks lovely. I hope your kids get better and you get to do more knitting soon.

  2. No good about sick kids, especially a run of it. Such pretty yarn though, good therapy for those in between moments! Thanks for your sweet comment about the new shop :-)

  3. Last night, the four year old crept into our bed and sneezed into my (momentarily) sleeping face, no less than seventeen times. In between she hacked her cough into my left ear. If that's been going on for you all week - or worse, VOMIT! - my heartiest sympathies.

    Now, watcha knitting?

  4. Boo to Tova dramas - sorry to hear, I had to put mine down a couple of times when I was too tired to concentrate.. Placket drama? sizing?

  5. i hear ya on the sick front. :( my little kiddo and i are on our second round of nasty coughs in less than a month as well. no fun. it does make for some more cuddles though. looooving your yarn. madTosh is to die for. what are you knitting? feel better soon. xo


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