November 25, 2010

My creative space.

So I finally finished that t-shirt.  It was a little fiddly in the end (read: I couldn't understand the diagrams) but worth the effort.   It's made from some thrifted stripey cotton jersey and is from this book (a very sweet book too!).  Only notes i'd make for next time is make it a whole heap longer as Ellie seems to have inherited my very long torso, and I think  I might button the reverse neckline instead of the tie as it's a little bit bulky in the jersey on a tiny neck.

Unfortunately, only shots are on the hanger here as my model was not agreeable to working today.  She was too busy dressing in purple and prancing around the living room instead.

Sit down with a nice cuppa and enjoy more creative spaces here.


  1. Cute little t-shirt. The bow at the back is cute, although I can understand it is a little impractical!

  2. Cute t-shirt and love that dancing, very creative :-)

  3. Fickle models are hard to persuade to a cooperative state. Then again if I could dance with such abandon I wouldn't stop either. I like the tshirt. Especially the band at the bottom. Top job!

  4. the shirt looks great. love the fabric. hehe, miss e is so cute dancing in that skirt!!


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