November 5, 2010


Not one of my better days today.  I'm feeling a bit grumpy, needing twice-hourly cups of tea and not getting anything done.  Add a just-toilet-trained toddler playing up a bit, not sleeping etc. and I don't quite have the Friday I imagined.

Mr potato head still has a smile on his face though, reminding us to stay positive!

What I've been trying to get at is this t-shirt from this gorgeous book.  It has so many lovely patterns in it, I just wish there were about a thousand hours in a day to get them all made.  Hopefully tomorrow I can get it finished - I'm nearly done and it's killing me seeing it sit there.

Have a lovely weekend tomorrow everyone!  We're having breakfast with friends and then I'm sewing!


  1. I think it has been like that for a few of us. I have had a couple of really ordinary days with the kids too x

  2. I love that Mr Potato Head is keeping a watchful eye on the proceedings... just in case!

  3. You poor thing. I remember those days only too well. My boys are both at school now but somehow time still flies... Can't wait to see what you do here. Thanks for your sweet comment. I'm your latest follower. Pruxxx

  4. oh looks lovely Gret. Hope you got your sewing done!

  5. It's a pretty top. Can't wait to see it. I hope for both of us we have better days too.


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