November 17, 2010

Melbourne highlights :: Liar Liar

So, my weekend in Melbourne was awesome!  I didn't get a chance to see everything I had planned, but I did manage to hit a few places that I could most definitely return to.  This week I'll be posting a few highlights of my trip (crafty and not).

First Highlight :: Liar Liar Cafe.  

She said it was great (my local friend that is), and it totally met the expectation.  Awesome coffee,  friendly people, fabulous food and even a private demo & tasting on using a clover coffee machine.  Totally worth a visit (or two in my case).

 This lighting was fabulous.  You know me, I love vintage anything (almost).

 Yes, this is a silly photo of me eating my delicious french toast with poached plums and mascarpone.   YUM.

If you think you'd like Liar Liar too, you can find it here.

[images courtesy of Nadine Newell - a very excellent friend and photographer]


  1. Am glad you had a wonderful time ... Love that pic of you!! Look forward to seeing more snap shots of your visit!

  2. awesome, looking forward to the pics x


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