November 24, 2010

Free stuff I love: kerbside thrift.

I have never taken something from someone's giveaways on the side of the road before....  But check this out!  A sturdy kid picnic table in good condition just being thrown away!  I couldn't let it pass by and this was exactly what I needed.

I love a good freebie and one like this doesn't happen often.

I hope you're week's been fine - mine is a little crazy and out of control, but I'm head above water at the moment....ask me again on Friday and it may be a different story!   Have a lovely day!


  1. thats pretty cool! looks like its in a great condition and im sure miss e loves it :)

  2. Great find! I love finding really useful stuff.

  3. What a brilliant find. You'll use this so much. Great, tough brand. Pruxxx


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