November 18, 2010

Melbourne highlights :: Rose St Artist Market

Second Highlight :: Rose Street Artist Market, Fitzroy

Washed out a little, but still great!  I had a great time browsing the stalls inside and those who had braved the pouring rain outside.  I came away with a few cute brooches and gifts.

I had fun browsing the wooden postcard badges by Neil Thomas Art.  I purchased a "press for assistance" badge and my friend purchased one that said "Shhhhhhhhhhhh" (yep, she's a librarian - a cool one too). 

If you think you'd like to visit this market, click here for more info.

We also spent some time up and down a small part of Brunswick Street, but there was way too much to get through in a few hours, so we'll be finishing the rest next time!  Despite the rain, I did manage to stop into some great bakeries, stock up on some more tea and have a hearty lamb and vegie soup lunch!  


  1. Liz got me some of that tea for my bday - it's very cool! I like the melbourne breakfast i think ... the one with Vanilla in it yummo!

  2. I haven't been to Rose st in ages ... how much fun is it!! Sounds like your Melbourne adventure was just perfect!


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