November 27, 2009

My creative space.

This week I'm loving vintage lace on linen.  It's so pretty I could stare at it for hours.  This is something little I've been making this morning...more pictures soon.

See some more very nice spaces here.  Yep, it happened yesterday, I'm late again, but that's good for you, because now you can head over and you have 100-odd to choose from....


  1. I eagerly await the reveal. Love the look of linen, am especially loving it in chocolate at the moment.

  2. Totally gorgeous combination. Your blog only feeds my addiction!

  3. I love lace. I'm not sure if you live in a particularly cold climate, but you may like the post I did on Lacy Ice porch decorations :))


  4. i don't blame you, a sublime combination


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