November 6, 2009

My creative space

I'm really needing some sewing for me time. My little munchkin is having her sleep of the month right now....going on 2 hours which is pretty much unheard of for such a light little sleeper. SO....I've stolen away to start tracing up the pattern of a top for yours truly.  So much fun.

I'm sure you recognise this book.  I bought mine from Megumi who is just the loveliest lady.  And her etsy store is just my absolute favourite.  I can't tell you how long I could spend in it (she also sells on ebay if you weren't aware, and sometime you can get a better look inside the book you're after there).

I've also recently made a purchase of some Heather Ross double gauze from Retromummy.  Pretty isn't it?  It's so soft, but I'm afraid I don't have enough of it.  The pattern I want to make needs 1.9m and I only have 1.5m as that's all that was left.  Doh.  Might have to buy a little more from somewhere.

What are you working on? Join in on sharing your creative space here (even if you are a day late like me!)


  1. Got to enjoy those long naps when you can! Looking forward to seeing what you whip up.

  2. ohh, i so want that book... maybe if i get the other one in the series we could share? (if u don't have it) i would love to make a dress from it. can't wait to see what top you are making :D


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