November 14, 2009


Oh my.  Aren't these just the sweetest tiny little patchwork pincushions?  So pretty I just had to share them with you.  Tutorial (yep!!) available from The Purl Bee right here.

[image: purl bee]

Have a lovely weekend everyone - sorry if the posting is a bit sparse from me over the coming weeks.  I've had a pretty serious extended family tragedy happen here, so I'm a little distracted by that, but I'll endeavour to keep posting where I can.


  1. These are darling. I'll have to check out the tutorial. I don't know how to sew, but it's never too late to learn, right? :)


  2. Oh, those look absolultely gorgeous.
    Meanwhile, I'm so sorry to hear that there has been a tragedy in your family. Don't feel you have to blog unless it's a helpful outlet for you. x Gina

  3. Incredible. How beautiful the natural fibres are up close. Take your time - grief manifests itself in so many ways and cannot be sped up. Cherrie

  4. So sorry to read that you've had a tragedy in your family. Sending cyberhugs.

  5. Those pin cushions are really lovely!

    Sorry to read there's been a tragedy in your family.


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