November 11, 2009

Free stuff I love: MADE

Today's free stuff blog I love is Made.

I love Dana's blog, and read it often.  She is such a talented lady and has a number of fabulous free tutorials including this cute little market skirt on her blog below.  She has free clothing tutorials for little girls and boys, so if you have a little person to make for, head over to Made and check out her 'tutorials' tab on her sidebar.  Dana is also the most recent weekly winner on SYTYC (So You Think You're Crafty) online crafting competition.  Her tutorial for the winning design can be found right here

[image source : +]

I'm in the mood for making some little skirts now, but I did promise myself in January that I'd finish one thing before I start another so I'll stick to my resolution.

Have a lovely day guys.


  1. Gretel,
    Thank you so much for the sweet post!! (and the sweet comment on MADE). Honestly...the wonderful people that stop by and read the blog make it all worth it. Send me pics of your market skirt when you make it (one day :))
    - dana

  2. Oh gosh! I have at least 20 things at any one time... I'm in the middle of 2 different patterns as we speak!

    I just wrote a little post about your pretty things in your etsy shop, and i borrowed some of your pictures, but it links to here and the shop. Hope that's ok, let me know if not!



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