June 14, 2012

A tale of two Tovas

Just to fill you in on my mentioned Wiksten Tova dramas from a few weeks ago....

Along with everyone else, I've had my eye on this pattern for ages, and have had the pdf sitting on my computer for a while, as I looked for the right fabric.

I found it, some lovely floral cotton lawn on sale so I headed straight into the making - measuring, cutting, sewing up a storm.   One problem.  When I tried it on it was a tad tight across the bust/back.  Hmmm.  I kept sewing thinking I could get away with it once I had completed it.  Once the arms were in it was impossible to get on.  And I mean impossible.   I really didn't think my size had grown that much since giving birth to V but obviously it has, and even more to the point, I clearly can't measure myself very well.  To say I was disappointed is an understatement, boo hoo for me, I was so pumped to finish and wear this one.

So I attempted the next size up in a heavier thrifted fabric I didn't care about.  I was like a sweat shop getting it done in a day or so, and when complete, it too was a little tight across the chest, back and armholes.  Sigh.  Although this one is wearable, it's not my preferred fabric, and I'm thinking for my third try I'll do a little pattern alteration - I think the reality is that at the moment I'm a small size across the shoulders and a couple of sizes up around the bustline, so here's hoping i can get it right third try!  I found a couple of ideas here and here for altering the bust, so might try that.

Wiksten Tova 2

I must also say that on wearing, the sleeves annoy me a bit too.  The armholes feel tight and cuffs are quite restrictive on me when I bend my elbow - I think that if I lengthened them a little they may feel better as then they wouldn't sit into my elbow crease quite so much.

Both times I lengthened my shirt by about 1.5 inches as I'm quite long in the torso.  I'm happy with how it sits on me around the hips and waist.

Wiksten Tova 1

But on the whole even though the Jury's out on the fit for me, I really like the way this pattern looks so I'm determined to make one that fits properly...not sure if I'll succeed just yet.  Watch this space.

[Ps. This post is a little late. If I thought I'd had a rough week with child sickness last week, I wasn't prepared for what was to come over the long weekend  - we ended up in Emergency at the Children's hospital twice with Miss 4 months....yep, Bronchiolitis is the pits.  It really is. ]

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  1. oh so disappointing Gret. Looks good! Will you wait and see if the floral fits you post feeding V?

  2. It looks like a nice pattern, the first fabric is beautiful too. Love the colour of your second attempt too. I am really impressed with your determination to get it fitting right, but it looks like it will be worth it when you are done. Birth really changes a body, doesn't it? Particularly in the chest area, not only are mine a different size, they are a different shape and ummm... location too. It makes it hard! Sorry to hear about your sick baby, I hope she is well soon.

  3. What a beautiful looking pattern that is. What a pity you had so many fitting issues! I hope you can work them out eventually.
    I'm still feeding my 10mo old and a little bit bustier than pre-pregnancy still - keep the shirt and you might fit it when you finish feeding your baby. You never know!

  4. How frustrating. But what patience you have! They do say that the third time is the charm. Fingers crossed.

    Hope everyone is well again now. xx

  5. Oh dear, hope Violet is ok now ...how worrying that must have been for you.

    Have a great week.
    Fleur xx

  6. oh dang! and that fabric was so pretty though! I always gift the stuff that's too small to my tinier friend. and I hope violet gets better!!!

  7. Hi - it is a nice pattern, great proportions but I can see the tightness is a little annoying...I clicked through the links you've found about making alterations and the second one (flickr thread from wikstenmade) should work out and because its not so tight, the across the chest, the armhole/underarm point will sit a little lower and it will feel comfortable. The pleat at the back will do the trick, but the first option would look better in my humble opinion :)

  8. I'm sorry you had fitting issues, but at least I've run across someone else on the internet who has had problems with this pattern. I just finished sewing up the side and shoulder seams. I am not busty, but I guess I'm broad -- there's pulling around the bust and I know if I set the sleeves in my shoulders will be trying to bust outta there. And there's some gaping in the back neck-area. Some fiddling is in order, but I'm not looking forward to it! Hope you end up being able to get the fit right!


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