February 9, 2012

Oliver and S Reversible Bucket Hat

Just before Violet made an appearance I made this little bucket hat for Ellie, my first project from Oliver + S "Little things to sew".  It was a one day project - taking me a little longer than I had anticipated, with a very pleasing result.

Reversible Bucket hat

This is a lovely pattern, and yes it is reversible, but takes a little fiddling to get the reverse side finished just right.  While I didn't think so at first (from looking at the pattern), I think with the amount of even top stitching and fitting straight edges to curves needed in this hat, this is a project suited to an intermediate level or very confident beginner sewer.  If you're comfortable with a fair bit of fiddling and pinning, then you will be pleased with the outcome of this project.

That aside, Liesl's guidelines really are wonderful, and it was nice using a pattern of such high quality and clear instructions.  This is one beautiful book and I plan on making a few more things soon.  

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  1. I have the Olive + S Little things to sew book and have been considering making that hat for awhile.

    Yours looks gorgeous!

    I love the fabric.

  2. i think the hat turned out great! i like this side of it, so you don't really need to reverse it do you?. i think i wouldn't like the fiddling, LOL! but still this is probably a pattern to try out.

  3. That looks hard! Way beyond me, but it turned out very well.

  4. wonderful hat! perfect for spring!


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