February 10, 2012

The year of knits.

I've wanted to get cracking on some more knit sewing for some time now.  I've been looking through some Ottobre Magazines, some fantastic online tutorials, and I've recently been inspired by this series (really enjoyable if you want to get into some knit sewing). 

My goal this year is simple:  Sew more knits.  I've had a little taste of it before, but I probably started too complicated, and I want to be more confident, make less errors, and really enjoy sewing things I haven't been game to before (including some items for me!).  A few weeks ago I even bought a twin needle, so here goes! Despite my previous practise, I've never really committed to improving my skills and becoming a confident knit sewer.  While I would love an overlocker/serger, I know I don't really need one to dive in, so here goes!

Working on some knit projects

This weekend I'm having fun with an easy little project.  I picked up some half price interlock at my local Lincraft, and I'm about to go and work out how to thread a twin needle on my machine.   Hopefully there will be just a little time to get some sewing done between newborn feeds.  We'll see.


  1. Good luck with the knits! I used this tutorial to help with the twin needle thing: http://www.makeit-loveit.com/2011/05/sewing-tips-basic-stitches-plus-double.html

  2. awesome! looking forward to seeing what you make. :) xx


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