January 30, 2012


She's arrived.  Our little V.   We love her so much and we're thrilled to add another beautiful girl to our family.   Everything went pretty smoothly, a more intense labour than I remember with E, but a much easier delivery and recovery so far.

Little V

I can't believe we're already over a week into life with her now, but we're all doing really well, settling into life as four.   Posting will be infrequent for a while here, but I'll be back soon.  


  1. congrats! she is adorable and look at all of that hair! beautiful!

  2. oh huge congrats!!! she is stunning - the hair!! xox

  3. Congratulations! Such a wonderful time. Rest up and relax when you can.

  4. Congratulations from the UK!

    A beautiful picture, you must be so happy. Hope both you and baby are feeling fine.

    Look forward to seeing more photos of your lovely addition - and what a pretty name too ....

    Take Care Fleur xx

  5. Oh Violet - you are so gorgeous!
    Congrats .. such a special time!

  6. Congrats Gret! what a darling little girl. Jx

  7. I have been meaning to pop over here for a while and congratulate you on the arrival of your little girl, she looks amazingly gorgeous. Well done you!

  8. Oh my goodness I feel so awful that I missed this! I didn't even know you were pregnant!! I guess my (not so) little dude has kept me too busy to keep up with many blogs over the last 9 months. Enjoy this gorgeous bundle of yours. She is so gorgeous and I LOVE her name. xx


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