December 2, 2010

My creative space.

Throwing a baby shower has been in my creative space this week.  Busy busy busy!

As per my usual habit, I left most things to the last minute, but got there in the end!  We had great fun celebrating the impending arrival of a little someone special, and of course, I couldn't help but make a few things for the party....

A speedy sewing up of this little sensory floor throw.  It's a patchwork top of different textured fabrics and a soft fleecy back.  I have one like this and it was so useful for tummy time.   Also a challenge to keep it unisex!

Lots of handmade goodies including ginger biscuits, lemon tarts and these little marshmallow bites (you can see our colour scheme there)
Some quick and easy doily garlands for the windows and of course, Martha's tissue paper pom poms in lemon and orange.

I think the guest of honour had a good day, so it was all worth it!

Join in on the last MCS for the year at Kootoyoo!  Thanks so much Kirsty for hosting again this year.


  1. What a beautiful shower - love the garlands and pompoms. I suddenly feel a burst of Christmas inspiration coming on, thanks!

  2. Looks like a fab baby shower. Love the colours in the floor throw.

  3. How fantastic, I'm organising an engagement, wish I'd peeked here before I started, for idea's. Love the colours in the patchwork quilt too, just gorgeous.

  4. Beautiful! What were the marshmellows covered in?

  5. Nothing Ros! That was the colour they came in the packet! I thought I'd scored when I saw it in the shops - our exact colour scheme in a bag!

  6. Aw thats Beautiful with a captial B. I'm sure Yana loved it.

  7. it was lovely and i loved every minute of it :D and that quilt is just gorgeous!!!

  8. everything looks so lovely! I am in LOVE with the color scheme you're using. What a great idea to use doily's for a garland.


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