December 16, 2010

Cheaters doll quilt

Really, really cheating, but I don't care.   A tiny little blanket for a tiny little friend.

25 minutes from fabric selection to photo finish.

No real tutorial needed for this one - this is how my 25 mins was spent:

  1. Select faker patchwork fabric from Nanna's (now mine) scrap stash with 2 year old who "needs a pink blanket" all of a sudden for Eduardo (tiny Emu friend) [2 mins]
  2. Cut fabric to selected size and also cut an identical piece of scrap fleece leftover from this project [3 mins]
  3. Sew around border with right sides together, turn out right way and topstitch the same again [5 mins]
  4. Sew over pretend patchwork lines whilst fending off 2 year old trying to reach pins on the table [10 mins]
  5. Cut loose threads and press [2 mins]
  6. Settle Eduardo Emu to sleep under his new blankey and take a picture or two [3 mins].

I think Eduardo was pretty chuffed with his new quilt.  He snuggled down and went off to sleep pretty quick.


  1. So incredibly cute without the hassles of waiting for hexes to be done. I love that fabric - I've never seen full size hexagon cheater print.
    I'll be featuring you in my hexspotting post this Friday.

  2. Nice work - I am itching to do that Moses basket from the book with Dana from Made's pillow case quilt for dolly! But Anya and I are currently patchworking our first cushion cover!

  3. Perhaps also helped off to sleep by the hand gently "pressing" him into the bed! Priceless! Nice work facilitating the need for a pink blankie in such stylish fashion in such minimal time too.


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