February 11, 2010

My creative space.

Not so much crafting going on this week in my creative space. A little but not a lot.

Here's a little of the creativity I've been up to....

Baking dark chocolate cupcakes with yummy dark chocolate icing.

Finding new and interesting ways of creating meals that please her Majesty and yet still provide a healthy alternative (psst... this Women's Weekly book is great.)

Finding new and interesting ways to entertain Her Majesty (here we have moved kiddie couch to the doorway to enjoy an enormous storm).

And squeezing in about a half hour all week to try and start on a little baby gift for a friend.  'Forcing in' is perhaps a better choice of words.

If you want to see more creativity, visit here.


  1. They sound yummy!

    My little man was scared of the storm... he gets all worried that things are getting wet!

  2. For some reason I can't open any of your pics but the first which is gorgeous. One of the best parts of 'my creative space' I think, is that it m,akes us look at our lives and see them in a different light.

  3. Same Gret?! Will check back again. Mind you the purple cupcake cases are very eye catching!

  4. Oh, I love dark chocolate - the only one I eat actually :) mmmmmmmmm!!!!!

  5. Thanks lovely people! I have tried to fix images up - hope they're working now??

  6. Happy to report I can see all your pics. Looks like you are having a lovely week all round, even if there is not much time for sewing. I also find that Annabel Karmel books are great in helping to feed the royal members of the household!


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