January 29, 2010

Show and Tell :: 9

I did so well on the book front this christmas.  I don't know about you, but I just love having books on the shelf, and I reference them all the time when I'm sewing, or thinking about gifts for people.

Simple Sewing for Baby by Lotta Jansdotter.

It is just that.  Simple Sewing.  Nothing fancy in here, no masterpieces, but such a great book with lots of good ideas if you are thinking about a last minute gift that you need to whip up in a couple of hours, or if you are a beginning sewer.. I would recommend it for these instances.

Here are a couple of images of things you can make from the book:

[Psssst:  You can actually get the pattern for this last one for free!!  Click right here.]

That's it for show and tell. I hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. Thank you, I did enjoy that. I really like to see what's in some of these lovely looking books. It's a shame you can't see this much before buying over the internet shops. It's hard to tell how much you're going to get out of a book by the cover alone. I think I might share a couple of my new books on my blog. Great idea!


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