January 15, 2010

Show and Tell :: 3

More from this nice book.

Some sweet hanging birdies for my sweet friends for Christmas.

Not as simple or quickly made as they look, a whole lot more fiddly and really hard to get looking decent (or maybe that's just my inability to sew a perfect curve and 3 dimensional figure).  Either way, off they went and hopefully lived to tweet another day happily in Christmas tree.


  1. Cute! Thanks for the link for the book. The Book Depository rocks.

  2. Oh we loved our little bird too :-) xx

  3. they are so cute! i'm sure everyone loved their's, nothing better than a handmade gift :)

  4. Lovely work, so pretty & a handy ribbon too, adorable, love Posie

  5. they are very cute ... make me feel inspired to do more sewing!


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