November 29, 2012

My creative space.

New bibs for the shop in some lovely handprints.
Broken wings for repair.
Random christmas stuff from yesterday's decorating efforts.
One of my favourite doilies awaiting some more clay ornament impressions.
And I'm off to get some more Fimo today... ;)

Making and repairing

Joining in with lots of other creative spaces here.


  1. Your creative space is so pretty. Some many delicate and lovely things. A delight.

  2. Hehe! what a delightful assortment of crafty-ness you have yourself there. happy crafting x

  3. Lovely creative space. That doily is so beautiful!! :) Look forward to seeing more creations out of Fimo!

  4. Lots of loveliness. Such a pretty doilie. I'll be it will look great! :)

  5. I must pop back to see what you are planning with the doilie.


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