March 21, 2012

Pink Pincushion

Life has been rough here the last couple of weeks.  All members of my little family have fallen ill, with husband developing early Pneumonia, toddler with asthma, and finally 8 week old to get sick with a horrid respiratory bug.   Not nice.  Therefore not much chance to jump on the machine, but I did squeeze in this pretty pink pincushion for my lovely sister who is learning to sew.  You can't go past a bit of liberty, solid pink, natural linen and a vintage button for a cute gift.

Pincushion for Jo

Tutorial from here if you'd like to make one too. 


  1. A very pretty little pincushion. I'm sure your sister will treasure it. Sorry to hear everyone has been so ill. I hope you are all on the road to recovery now. Remember to take care of yourself too.

  2. A very pretty little pincushion which I'm sure your sister will treasure. Sorry to hear the family have been so unwell and I hope everyone is beginning to feel better now. Don't forget to take care of yourself.

  3. Sorry to hear that you've all been ill, especially new little Violet.

    Hope that you are all feeling better.

    What a beautiful gift for your sister, she's very lucky.
    Fleur xx


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