November 6, 2011

Weekend solo

It hasn't been the smoothest of weekends this time, with my other half away interstate, and a late teething and sick 3 year old sapping what's left of the 30 week energy levels as she fights me at every turn. Despite all this we did have a lovely morning, with a friend visiting and home made pancakes on the menu. It was a little breather in a rather exhausting weekend and yum too.

Now to back it all up with a trip to the airport and the working week starting tomorrow, preschool and life as normal. Only 5 more weeks of work left....not counting at all!


  1. Trying to work and look after a toddler and yourself is exhausting at the best of times! In my opinion the threes are a lot harder than the twos - could they just do as they're told, just once?!? Go easy on yourself, Gret.

  2. Life definitely poses challenges to working moms.I'm sure it must be not so easy to balance home and work.Wow food can surely change my mood too ! Homemade pancakes sounds yum!
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