November 22, 2011

Love this vintage...

Gorgeous vintage fabric turned into a beautiful 1950's inspired tea dress from soho mode on etsy.  Great design, great colour. 



  1. Ooh that is very cute! I wonder if I could find a pattern to make something similar, have you come across one?

  2. That is one beautiful dress. I've been coveting dresses from this seller for a little while... there's a couple of wool ones on there now that are really lovely...

  3. Hi Gretel, i saw on Ros's blog you're a Princess Mary fan - well we got to meet her, check her out, the woman is so beautiful, i adore her & her husband, wow, what a fantastic guy!! Love Posie

  4. Oh my heck, this dress is amazing! You always find the best stuff, I swear.


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