August 3, 2011


Today we picked the last of the lemon crop and boy does it feel deliciously like spring out there.  We'll possibly turn these into lemon juice ice cubes ready for baking or drinks because I couldn't bear to see them go to waste on the tree.


Things have been ongoingly slow for me around here - I have a good excuse, don't worry, and I've decided not to pressure myself into posting or creating and just to enjoy life as the weather slowly warms up.  It's the way I like it at the moment and is quite honestly, just what I need. 


  1. Just the smell of lemons is divine. They are so versatile as well. A beautiful bowl of lemons!

  2. I love lemons! Slow is good. I'm guessing you're in the early stages of "baking", but I could be totally wrong! Either way, enjoying life and all the good bits is the right way to go! Nic x

  3. Mmm...can almost smell them. Glad you are enjoying the respite from winter!

  4. Enjoy your lemon crop. hope you put them to good use!


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