July 13, 2011

Love is sweet

A couple of weeks back I was delighted to celebrate my little brother's marriage to his beautiful sweetheart.  It was such a great day.

I also had the pleasure of helping out with the creation of my first Candy buffet at the wedding.  It was a group effort, but turned out pretty well, and was a total hit with the guests young and not so young!  

There was a truckload of sugar leftover, these two will be eating it for months!  Yum.

Congratulations again Mark & Cass.  I know you are going to be very happy.


M & C Wedding

M & C Bridesmaids

Candy Buffet

Candy Buffet


  1. Gorgeous and a candy buffet is inspired thinking!

  2. Simply stunning ... what a gorgeous couple!!

  3. Congratulations to your brother. The pictures looks great. I loved the colors, too.


  4. it was such a great day! the buffet was amazing, you guys did a wonderful job!! great pics too :)

  5. I love your candy! might have to hire you for evies birthday ;)

  6. Great moment!
    I love the wedding's sweets
    ;) Federica

  7. Lovely couple!! Beautiful photos. My daughter is getting married next July and I liked the idea of the candy buffet. I was wondering how did you served ? Did you had small bags and people served themselves? Or did you had tiny cupcake cups?? She has a red and white idea for her weddings but I think that would be prety. Thank you for the idea and wish your brother and bride a happy journey as married couple!


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