May 17, 2011

Making me happy

Lemon tree by alittleredribbon

My potted baby lemon tree has finally produced a nice crop of lemons. I purchased this plant about 4 years ago at a show, and he's finally looking very happy this year, thanks to some citrus food last Spring. We've been watching these babies grow for about 6 months, and as soon as the weather turned cold - voila! Nice plump yellow lemons. I'm yet to sample, so really hoping these lovely forms are nice and juicy. Lemony baking here I come...


  1. I have been watching ours turning yellow too, like you can't wait to do some picking and baking soon!

  2. They look fab. I hope they taste good. Mmmm homemade lemonade. Yummy!

  3. Happiness is indeed a laden lemon tree :). Gorgeous.


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