May 3, 2011

Lake Scarf.

Lake Scarf by alittleredribbon

It's a cold, dim day in Sydney today. Perfect for a bit of curling up under the blankey, and starting another scarf.

Sorry there's not much sewing going on around here. But i'm hooked on the hook and it will be that way for another few days I think. I am thinking about sewing a crochet hook case though....Mmmm. Ideas are flowing.


  1. I want to get hooked on the hook too. I just need to buy the hook and work out what to do with the hook and then I'll be hooked!

    Very pretty colour, Gret. x

  2. I love the colour of the yarn you are using. Where did you get it from. I am looking at making a few things with the hook but am having trouble finding some lovely wool to work with.

  3. Glorious colour! Is it Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury?

    You're inspiring me to relearn crochet!

  4. Hi Emma, Yep, it is! Of course, you knew that by the colour name, right? My details are at Ravelry. Sorry, couldn't reply to you as your email isn't visible on your profile.

  5. So.... when are you going to sell me a scarflette, neck warmer thingo... if anyone needs one in cold Canberra it is your favourite cousin! ha ha

  6. And indeed you can make a lanyard out of this! Awesome!


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