April 19, 2011

Hello strangers, it's been a nice relaxing month here and there with the beach, and time off work, and time away from the internet.  Forced time offline can be a wonderful thing.  

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I've taken up the hook, so all my time in the last week has been spent getting the hang of it.  I've invested in some nice new yarns and they're proving to be extremely motivating, just like a gorgeous handful of liberty.  I've also been having a roam around Ravelry and I'm sold.  Well and truly.  I'm loving being able to pull something out while I'm waiting around at appointments or sitting in front of tv at night.  Can't really do that on the machine at the dining table.

I hope you've been well friends.  See you again soon!

(ps.  shop is now open again too)


  1. It is highly addictive isn't it? I have been hooking up a storm this last week too and have spent too many hours on Ravelry.
    Looking forward to seeing your projects :)


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