March 19, 2011

Vera Wang Spring 2011

 I've been around the web searching out lots of wedding finery of late - my little brother is getting married!  So, to my soon to be beautiful sister-in-law here is some amazing inspiration for you!  Gorgeous new Vera Wang bridal wear for Spring 2011 is popping up everywhere.

Here are my two favourites:

The Freya Dress (exceptional colour!)

And this beauty is the Farrah dress...oh so lovely!  I love the sheer shoulder piece over the bodice.

To see more of this beautiful collection head over to Vera Wang.  You won't be disappointed.


  1. Haha I must admit that I chuckled when I saw this... because how excited does that model look! I know that the moody look is in for modelling and all but really I question how that look is supposed to inspire someone to buy a dress for the "happiest day of their lives"... beautiful dresses though... Haha :)

  2. Vera Wang... what a dream! oh so lovely..

  3. The model is saying "I wonder what I am not having for dinner this evening..." Besides that .. lovely dresses!

  4. Haha, yes ladies, I wish they would smile more too! She looks like a very unhappy bride, but gosh, those dresses...I think I can overlook it!

  5. Those dresses are amaaaazing, it makes me want to do bridal wear again if it was not for the whole drama of weddings!


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