March 8, 2011

Two teapots

I can't stop gazing at my new little teapot picked up for cheap at a Garage Sale a few weekends ago. It's nothing amazing, but I like it.

 I also scored this cute little white ceramic vase.  Perfect for my roses in the bathroom.

And of course, Miss Ellie also insisted I also take a picture of her teapot and blog that too.


  1. I think it is amazing....I love teapots, especially white ones :)
    Miss E's teapot is a tad cute too.

  2. I love the teapot! Good find :)

  3. Well I have to say being a lover of most things yellow..I love Miss Ellie's teapot..a lot! Your's is fine too.

  4. I have the exact same tulipy one in black ... and the Fisher Price one! LOL


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