December 8, 2009


I love to wrap and package.  I love making it neat and pretty and suggestive of something nice waiting on the inside...

Paper, ribbon, string, I love it all.

Do you like to wrap too?


  1. For years I made the wrapping part of the gift - an actual part, such as an oven mitt holding unusual kitchen stuff, or a child's sand bucket holding beachy things (especially for Christmas). Sometimes it was a hint for the gift such as using lace and ribbon for lingerie.

    I think the wrapping is as important as the gift - just as we 'eat' with our eyes, seeing a wonderfully wrapped gift simply adds to the anticipation and excitement.

  2. Mmmmhhh wrapping...I love it!!! Most of the times my wrappings were even better then the actual present should have seen the disappointed faces after opening the surprise, ha ha! I'm very much into jute (burlap you say?) lately, recycled from potato sacks, cheap and very agrestic!

  3. In theory I like wrapping, but I don't think that comes through in practice! I saw a website that sells different coloured baker's twine recently, which is motivating me to try a bit harder!


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