December 10, 2009

My Creative Space.

Well, to be honest, it's really her creative space.

Christmas tree has now gone up, and Ellie happily and excitedly helped me do it.  Trying to be so helpful she pulled balls off one by one, as I placed them on the tree.  Such sweet intention I had to let it go as I have the  daily redecoration because I can't help but love the joy on that small face as she sees it every morning.

Here is one of my favourite tree decorations.  I bought them a few years back and have been slowly collecting all of the twelve days of Christmas - she is a  'piper piping' (is that no.7?? I can never remember).  I love her. Unfortunately they're not being made anymore....:o(

And here is Ellie's very own and very important creative space.  A self-decorative work that she was quite proud of (and didn't want me to come near mind you!).

Hope you're enjoying all the creative spaces this week.


  1. All that ribbon and her adorable little outfit! Heavenly! What a fun time.

  2. Totally adorable she is!!! My little boy Orlando loves to see the tree in the morning too :-)

  3. Loving her self decoration and her proud expression! She is such a little angel, I'm glad her excitement at the decorations is bringing you such fun, this is truly what the Christmas spirit is about! xo

  4. I love this post - we did the same thing with Litle Mister (who is nearly 3) a week ago. Christmas with kids is the best!! Thanks for sharing. nic xx

  5. so sweet ~ once you have kids, it is sort of time to let go a little bit, isn't it?
    and they make Christmas such fun!

  6. Lovely pictures :-) Especially the one your little angel is decorated with ribbons :-)


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