January 17, 2013

My creative space :: Snappy Toddler Top

This week's been one of those weeks!  I've been going back and forth about whether to make something for my little Miss V's first birthday this weekend, and I had decided against it until I stumbled upon this pattern.  The Snappy Toddler Top by Prudent Baby


Sweet pattern, no?  My Miss 12 months is extremely small and narrow (she could fit size 6 months across the chest) so I took out some width and then shortened the collar a little....probably a little too much based on how high those clips are sitting.

Additionally I added some crochet lace trim to the bottom at the last minute just to lengthen the pattern a little.  Tried it on a grumpy V this morning with some resistance and it fits nicely, just won't fit for long, but it was such a quick and easy pattern another could be made up in a couple of hours.


A word of advice on the collar - I would definitely wait until you have finished sewing the garment before you add the snap clips.  The tutorial called for putting them in before sewing, but I did not like this, and had an awful time trying to sew around them when making the collar and also attaching it to the bodice ... not a good way to get a neat result.  I should have read ahead and realised that would happen, but launched into the instructions without thinking, so the end result isn't as nice as what I'd like but it'll do.  Don't think you can notice it.

Overall I definitely approve of this little design!  


Hope you're looking forward to your weekend - we're on the downhill run to Friday evening now!

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  1. Love it Gretel - especially the fabric! reminds me I have a stash of lace similar to that that would look great on a skirt for my little lass.

  2. It's gorgeous! Look forward to seeing it on V. Putting snaps on first is definitely a strange instruction.

  3. Oh I think it looks divine...the fabric you chose is perfect and the added crochet detail is divine! you little Miss will love it xx

  4. Sweet. Happy birthday to your daughter!

  5. This is just beautiful! Such a gorgeous choice of fabric and the trim really makes it special. Lucky bubba! Wishing you a gorgeous week :) x

  6. such a pretty dress! and thanks for the tip about the order of putting snaps in. Came to visit via creative space link up...

  7. looking forward to seeing party details!!

  8. Just got to say from the start - I don't sew (I paint and cook instead). BUT I love this, especially the lace on the bottom. The lace really sets it apart and in my eyes takes it from good to great. Thanks and keep sewing, who knows you might eventually inspire me to try ;-)
    Lisa Jo

  9. I have had that pattern printed out for a while but haven't managed to try it yet. I love your fabric choices, and that touch of lace...swoon!


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