July 23, 2012

The daily grind.

Amidst life's hectic pace and the constant pressures of the week it's easy to forget about life's little blessings.  Kinds whinging, fighting, crying, not sleeping,  groceries, work commitments, getting to bed late, getting up early (you know the drill) - these things can cloud the precious moments - like cuddles, stories,  a good book, childhood discovery, a home cooked meal.  Lately we've been really busy, but have been doing our best to appreciate the little things in life.  To take our time where we can and cherish some of the moments we won't have again.

It's not easy.  But we're trying our best, and looking back over these images reminds me that even though it sometimes feels like we're sinking we have so much to be thankful for, and have made lots of wonderful memories in these last few months.  Blogging has slowed a bit, crafting is here and there, but I'm completely happy with that for now.  Things are still in the works, that's for sure, but I'm pacing myself and not putting any pressure on to do more than I can.

Do you know what I mean?   I hope so.

See you soon(ish)   ;)

PicMonkey Collage July 2012


  1. what beautiful photos! and a wonderful reminder to appreciate the little things. i think it's important to stop and savor a bit. thanks so much for the reminder:) xo

  2. Very wise counsel to go slow. When you are ready and not before :) I nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award. From one in the grind to another. Come visit my blog for the details if you care to accept.


  3. Beautiful images Gret :) occupational balance is key!!
    Emma xx

  4. Hi Gretel, I've also been busy that I'm just catching up on the last three weeks of blogs....and when I read yours it resonated with my post today and made me nod in agreement .... sometimes you've just got time to do the 'living' rather than writing about it!

    Have a happy week
    Fleur xx


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