February 16, 2011


It's all about purple around here at the moment.  Purple drink bottle, purple spoons, purple clips, purple t-shirts, purple play dough and purple pencils.

Today we're making up a new "twirly skirt" to dance in.  Yes, it's purple (and it's also using up a little more of that vintage polyester I needed to deal with).

Special thanks to Toni from Make it Perfect as well for her lovely feature of a little red ribbon on her blog today.  See it here.


  1. I checked out your feature on make it perfect - how exciting for you! btw: I just launched my blog today and you are on my list of blogs I love! :)

  2. Love that first flowery material. We used to have curtains made out of a very similar pattern in orange when I was little. They would be very retro now!


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